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Clothing Tag Buddies - Customise your own


45 Labels
R 99.00
Butterfly 2
Car Red
Car Yellow
Dino Trike
Emoji 2
Emoji 3
Farm Rooster
Farm Cow
Farm Duck
Farm Lamb
Flamingo Flower
Mermaid Blue
Mermaid Pink
Mermaid Purple
Hotair Balloon
Skater 1
Skater 2
Space Rocket Purple
Sport Cricket
Sport Rugby
Sport Tennis
Summer Cone
Summer Shell
Surf Boards
Surfer 1
Sweet Cupcake 2
Sweet Donut Blue
Tropical Flower
Tropical Leaves
Unicorn 2
Unicorn 3
Unicorn 5
Sk8 Rex
Sk8 Rex 2

These Colour Stick-In Clothing labels can be stuck onto the care tags of your little ones school uniform ensuring they never come home with the wrong clothing items. 

  • Washing machine safe.
  • Tumble dryer resistant.
  • Size - 24 x 12mm

Perfect for: Care homes, camps, preschool, middle school, blazers, ties, shirts, dresses, jumpers, hats, skirts, shorts, vacation outdoor activities, sports, afterschool programs and much more.

Please read the supplied instructions carefully before application to ensure long-lasting results.


  1. Ensure that the garment is clean and completely dry*
  2. Apply the label to the care tag of the clothing item and press down firmly
  3. Allow 24 hours before first wash for the adhesive to bond to the tag optimally

 No Iron application
*This product should always be applied to a garment's care tag / size tag / brand tag. Not intended for direct-to-fabric use