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Sticky Sleeves | Book Covers - Application Instructions

Labels4School brings you Sticky Sleeves! A first for South African schools that allows parents to cover school books in seconds! Making Back2school a breeze. Sticky Sleeves are easy to clean and come in a variety of trendy designs for kids of all ages (even the grown up kind!)

No more cutting, No more wrapping, No more sticky tape and most of all No more dreaded clear contact on top.

Choose from Personalised Sticky Sleeves only or Sticky Sleeves pre-covered books. All sold in packs of 4.



Application Instructions:

Watch the video here

1. With the print of the Sticky Sleeve facing the desk. Align the book spine to the middle of the sticky sleeve, make sure it’s centred vertically & start peeling back the first edge of the backing paper (either the left or right margin).

2. With the sticky side of the sleeve facing you; press the book down onto the label ensuring that the extra label around the edges of the book are even. Check that your book will be the right way around once the Sleeve is stuck.

3. Flip the book over and start peeling the backing paper off while using a bag tag or credit card to apply the Sticky Sleeve to the front cover of the book (or the back cover if you started there), try ease out any air bubbles.

4. Cut out the squares on the corners and at the spine, then fold the flaps inwards so that they stick to the inside cover. Repeat with the other side.




Tips & Tricks:

  1.  Cut corner and center wedges for a cleaner finished product.
  2. Use a thin style scissors for a cleaner more precise cut.
  3. Folding the Sticky Sleeves in half, helps you find the middle where the book spine needs to go.
  4. Use a pin to pop any bubbles and flatten them out.


 Printed and manufactured in SA - these are the new back to school essentials.

Thank you for choosing Sticky Sleeves, Labels4Schools brand new Book Cover range. A first for South African Schools!