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How-to Instructions for labels

Tag Buddies | StickIn Clothing Labels

1. Ensure that the clothing is clean and 100% dry before application.

2. Apply the labels to the garment tag / size tag / brand tag for best results.

3. Press firmly and make sure all corners are down.

4. Wait 24h before you wash or dry the garment.

Stick In Clothing Labels
iron on sew in clothing labels

Iron-on / Sew-in Labels

1. Remove all water from the iron. Set iron on medium to high heat. The iron needs to be dry.

2. Turn clothes inside out. Peel and place label face-up on clothing

3.Place WAX OR BAKING PAPER over the label and apply lots of PRESSURE for 10 - 15 seconds. Do this 3 times.

4. You can then sew the label into the clothing for added support, but is not essential.

The medium heat setting differs on home irons. To ensure the adhesive has been melted sufficiently, we recommend taking a piece of scrap material or old shirt and doing a test. Keep repeating step 3, using 15-20 seconds at a time until you see a crease appear.

The crease means it's been slightly “over cooked”. Use the time it took to crease, minus a few seconds (to avoid creasing) to iron on all your labels!

Iron-on / Sew in Labels

Wrap around pen & pencil labels

1. Peel the label off the sheet.

2. Apply the white end of the label to the object/pen.

(The straighter the bottom of the label on the pen, the better it seals)

3. Wrap the clear part around the pen over the white area while maintaining a firm tension.

Tip: It helps to apply the label and hold it still while rolling the pen to take up the extra label, photographic instructions are provided with the labels.

Wrap around pen/pencil labels

Pro tips to make sure your labels last!

Stick your labels to surfaces that are flat, dry, clean and smooth. (The labels may not be effective on plastics that feel greasy, highly textured surfaces or plastics that contain high amounts of silicone).

Multi Purpose labels

1. Stick your labels to flat dry, clean, oil-free and smooth surfaces. 

2. Apply pressure across the whole label, paying attention to the edges and corners.

3. Allow 1-2 days for the adhesive to bond.

Waterproof, Dishwasher safe, Fridge/freezer safe, Microwave resistant.

- Size - 13mm (h) x 58mm (w)

- Printed on white labels with black ink 

** Not suitable for clothing/material. 

Multi-purpose Labels

Book labels (Classic Range)

1. Carefully peel the book label, making sure not to bend it or get it stuck to the finger.

2. Apply the label to a smooth, oil-free, clean part of the book/

3. Allow 24 hours for improved bonding.

4.  You can now write on your paper book label.

Please note:
 These are not waterproof and should not be placed on anything that will get wet as water will destroy these labels!

- Paper labels
- Matt finish
- Printed in black text on a white paper label

Book Labels

Pro tips to make sure your labels last!

The adhesives used on all our name labels are “pressure activated” and will only stick properly after sufficient pressure has been applied. Gently peel the label off the sheet without letting the labels fold. Once you have positioned the label, rub firmly, applying pressure over the whole label from one end to the other (avoids air getting trapped). Pay special attention to the corners and edges!

Shoe Labels with clear shield (Classic range)

1. Make sure the inside of the shoe is as clean and dry as possible.

2. Peel a clear cover off the sheet and place it over the round sticker

3.Place the combined stickers under the arch of the foot in the shoe

4. Firmly apply pressure to the label and allow to bond for 24 hours.

- White label with black ink.
- Clear waterproof label to be placed over shoe sticker
- Waterproof

Classic Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels with clear shield (colour range)

1. Make sure the inside of the shoe is as clean and dry as possible.

2. Peel a clear rectangle "Shoe Shield" off the sheet and place over the colour shoe label (the label with feet)

3. Peel the newly laminated shoe sticker off the sheet

4. Place the sticker in the arch of the shoe and apply pressure.

For best results allow to bond for 24 hours.

Colour shoe labels

Designer and Custom colour labels

All of our high quality colour labels will adhere to smooth, clean, oil-free surfaces.

Perfect for: stationery, lunch boxes, juice/ water bottles and anything else you can think of if you have already labelled your bag and uniforms. All of the labels in this pack are waterproof, dishwasher safe and microwave resistant.

Colour Range Labels