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Chalky Pantry Labels - Baking

46 Stickers
R 50.00

The perfect 'mini' baking pantry label set for that urge to organise and label all the jars and bottles in your baking cupboard. This simple label set allows you to label various different items from cake decorations to melting chocolate and spices! Stick the large information stickers on your favorite baking book to refer to when you get those tricky foreign recipes.

Available in Black, Blue or Pink - select your colour before adding to cart :)


This Mini Pantry Pack of Baking Labels consists of the following:

  • 18 Small Labels | Ideal for small jars and containers of baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg, sprinkle mixes, candles and more.
  • 25 Medium Labels | Ideal for medium and large containers of flour, different sugars, cocoa, nuts, coconut and dried fruits
  • 3 Large Labels | Super handy informative stickers for Temperature, Pan size and Measurements