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Colour Wrap-around Pencil Labels - Customise your own


25 Labels
R 75.00
Butterfly 2
Car Red
Car Yellow
Dino Trike
Emoji 2
Emoji 3
Farm Rooster
Farm Cow
Farm Duck
Farm Lamb
Flamingo Flower
Mermaid Blue
Mermaid Pink
Mermaid Purple
Skater 1
Skater 2
Space Rocket Purple
Sport Cricket
Sport Rugby
Sport Tennis
Summer Shell
Surf Boards
Surfer 1
Sweet Cupcake 2
Sweet Donut Blue
Tropical Flower
Tropical Leaves
Unicorn 2
Unicorn 3
Unicorn 5
Sk8 Rex
Sk8 Rex 2

Our Colour Wrap-around pen/ pencil labels are the perfect labelling solution for marking pens and pencils. At 37mm wide and 49mm high; these bright, fun and funky labels are practical AND pretty with loads of themes to choose from.

All of our high quality colour labels will adhere to smooth, clean surfaces. These small labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe and microwave resistant. Both label and ink are highly durable and are best used on pens, pencils, paintbrushes and much more.

This pack consists of 25 colour wrap-around pen/ pencil labels.

Perfect for: Pens, pencils, paint brushes, felt-tipped pens or anything with a rounded shape (even golf clubs!).

    1. Peel the label off the sheet.

    2. Apply the top end of the label to the object/pen.

    (The straighter the edge of the label on the pen, the better it seals)

    3. Starting with the edge of the label without text, wrap the label around the pen while maintaining a firm tension. Tip: it helps to apply the label and hold it still while rolling the pen to take up the extra label, printed instructions are provided with the labels.

    General sticky name label best practices:

    • Stick your labels to surfaces that are dry, clean, oil-free and smooth. The labels may not be effective on plastics that feel greasy, highly textured surfaces or plastics that contain high amounts of silicone (usually described as non stick)
    • The adhesives used on all our name labels are “pressure activated” and will only stick properly after sufficient pressure has been applied.

    Please allow 1-2 days for the adhesive to bond.