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Colour Shoe Labels - Customise your own


30 Labels
R 75.00
Butterfly 2
Car Red
Car Yellow
Dino Trike
Emoji 2
Emoji 3
Farm Rooster
Farm Cow
Farm Duck
Farm Lamb
Flamingo Flower
Mermaid Blue
Mermaid Pink
Mermaid Purple
Hotair Balloon
Skater 1
Skater 2
Space Rocket Purple
Sport Cricket
Sport Rugby
Sport Tennis
Summer Cone
Summer Shell
Surf Boards
Surfer 1
Sweet Cupcake 2
Sweet Donut Blue
Tropical Flower
Tropical Leaves
Unicorn 2
Unicorn 3
Unicorn 5
Sk8 Rex
Sk8 Rex 2

Our colour shoe labels are a soft high quality label that can be stuck to the inside of school shoes, rugby boots, ballet shoes and even flip-flops. These themed labels are printed with a highly durable ink and super adhesive.

These colour themed labels are highly durable and can be used on any shoe item making them the best choice for your child's back to school needs. For best results, place the shoe label in the shoe under the arch of the foot.

This only comes in a pack of 30 labels.

  • So thin you won't know they are there
  • Extremely durable.
  • Water resistant.

1. Make sure the inside of the shoe is as clean and dry as possible.

2. Peel a clear "Shoe Shield" off the sheet and place over the colour shoe label

3. Peel the newly laminated shoe sticker off the sheet

4. Place the sticker in the arch of the shoe and apply pressure. For best results allow to bond for 24 hours.