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Sticky Sleeves - Personalised


R 150.00
Butterfly Mix
Butterfly Blue
Butterfly Pink
Butterfly Purple
Butterfly Pattern
Funky Butterfly Mix
Funky Butterfly Blue
Funky Butterfly Yellow
Funky Butterfly Orange
Funky Butterfly Pattern
Cars Mix
Cars Green
Cars Blue
Cars Red
Cars Pattern
Cute Dino Mix
Cute Dino Purple
Cute Dino Blue
Cute Dino Green
Cute Dino Pattern
Unicorn Cats Mix
Unicorn Cats Pink
Unicorn Cats Blue
Unicorn Cats Green
Unicorn Cats Pattern
Mermaid Mix
Mermaid Blue
Mermaid Green
Mermaid Pink
Mermaid Pattern
Sports Mix
Sports Cricket
Sports Rugby
Sports Soccer
Sports Pattern
Wild Free Mix
Wild Free Bear
Wild Free Deer
Wild Free Fox
Wild Free Pattern
Dreamy Unicorn Mix
Dreamy Unicorn Pink
Dreamy Unicorn Blue
Dreamy Unicorn Green
Dreamy Unicorn Pattern
Snakes Mix
Snakes Blue
Snake Wrap
Snakes Green
Snakes Yellow
Ballet Mix
Ballet Pink
Ballet Green
Ballet Blue
Ballet Pattern
Comic Book Mix
Comic Book Blue
Comic Book Red
Comic Book Yellow
Comic Book Pattern
Skaterboy Mix
Skaterboy Blue
Skaterboy Green
Skaterboy Orange
Skaterboy Pattern
Geometric Mix
Geometric Patterns War
Geometric Patterns Stitch
Geometric Patterns Dazed
Geometric Patterns Falling
4x4 Mix
4x4 - 1
4x4 - 2
4x4 - 3
4x4 - 4
Abstract Illusion Mix
Abstract Illusion Green
Abstract Illusion Blue
Abstract Illusion Yellow
Abstract Illusion Purple
Bikes Mix
Bikes Yellow
Bikes Green
Bikes Brown
Bikes Grey
Bold Mix Pack 1
Bold Mix Pack 1 Purple
Bold Mix Pack 1 Pink
Bold Mix Pack 1 Light Pink
Bold Mix Pack 1 Blue
Bold Mix Pack 2
Bold Mix Pack 2 Leaf Green
Bold Mix Pack 2 Green
Bold Mix Pack 2 Red
Bold Mix Pack 2 Blue
Earthy Pastels
Earthy Pastels 1
Earthy Pastels 2
Earthy Pastels 3
Earthy Pastels 4
Light Pastels Mix
Light Pastels Green
Light Pastels Pink
Light Pastels Blue
Light Pastels Purple
Paradise Print Mix
Paradise Print Blue
Paradise Print Green
Paradise Print Tropical
Paradise Print Peach
Tie Dye 1 Mix
Tie Dye 1 Blue
Tie Dye 1 Purple
Tie Dye 1 Colourful
Tie Dye 1 Colourful 2
Tie Dye 2 Mix
Tie Dye 2 Colourful
Tie Dye 2 Colourful 2
Tie Dye 2 Colourful 3
Tie Dye 2 Colourful 4
Bugs Mix
Bugs Bee
Bugs Beetle
Bugs Dragonfly
Bugs Pattern
Wild Print Mix
Wild Print Spots 1
Wild Print Spots 2
Wild Print Giraffe
Wild Print Stripes
Butterflies Mix
Butterflies Yellow
Butterflies Blue
Butterflies Pink
Butterflies Pattern
Coding Mix
Coding 1
Coding 2
Coding 3
Coding 4
Construction Mix
Construction 1
Construction 2
Construction 3
Construction Pattern
Country Roads Mix
Country Roads Orange
Country Roads Green
Country Roads Red
Country Roads Green 2
Fairies Mix
Fairies Purple
Fairies Blue
Fairies Green
Fairies Pattern
Floral Mix
Floral Purple
Floral Orange
Floral Blue
Floral Yellow
Floral Creatures Mix
Floral Creatures Cat
Floral Creatures Rabbit
Floral Creatures Giraffe
Floral Creatures Sloth
Gaming Mix
Gaming Colourful
Gaming Press Start
Gaming Control Freak
Gaming Pattern
Geometric Creatures Mix
Geometric Creatures Peacock
Geometric Creatures Butterflies
Geometric Creatures Hummingbird
Geometric Creatures Fish
Van Life Mix
Van Life Orange
Van Life Blue
Van Life Purple
Van Life Pattern
Horses Mix
Horses 1
Horses 2
Horses 3
Horses Pattern
Llama Mix
Llama Lights
Llama Desert
Llama Lake
Llama Pattern
Marble Mix
Marble 1
Marble 2
Marble 3
Marble 4
Nautical Mix
Nautical 1
Nautical 2
Nautical 3
Nautical Pattern
Rainbows Mix
Rainbows 1
Rainbows 2
Rainbows 3
Rainbows Pattern
Out of this World Mix
Out of this World 1
Out of this World 2
Out of this World 3
Out of this World Pattern
Doodles 1 Mix
Doodles 1 Brown
Doodles 1 Light Blue
Doodles 1 Dark Blue
Doodles 1 Purple
Doodles 2 Mix
Doodles 2 Blue
Doodles 2 Colourful
Doodles 2 Girl
Doodles 2 Pattern
Scary Dino Mix
Scary Dino Red
Scary Dino Blue
Scary Dino Pastel
Scary Dino Pattern
Succulent Mix
Succulents Boot
Succulents Pink
Succulents Green
Succulents Blue
Travel Mix
Travel Bag 1
Travel Bag 2
Travel Bag 3
Travel Pattern
Unicorn Mix
Unicorn Hearts
Unicorn Sleepy
Unicorn Purple
Unicorn Pattern
Vintage Books Mix
Vintage Books 1
Vintage Books 2
Vintage Books 3
Vintage Books 4
Pastel Animals Mix
Pastel Animals Bear
Pastel Animals Panda
Pastel Animals Leopard
Pastel Animals Pattern

Our personalised self-adhesive Vinyl Book Covers are the ultimate back2school time saver. Cover, protect and personalise your children’s books all in one go! No more cutting to size, wrapping, messy sticky tape and adding the dreaded contact on top that takes hours to cover one book. Our Vinyl Book Covers are easy to apply and come in a variety of trendy designs for kids of all ages (even the grown up kind!)

Pre-cut to the correct book size with self-adhesive backing these book covers are sure to make back to school easier! All you need to do is cut the corner and spine wedges to fit your books. Printed and manufactured in SA - these are the new back to school essentials.*

Choose to either have a Single Cover Pack, where you will get 3 of the same cover plus a patterned cover or a Mix pack, where you will get a themed set of 3 different covers plus a patterned cover.

These Vinyl Book Covers are available in A4 and A5 book sizes and come in a pack of 4 covers per theme.

Our Book Cover features are:

  • Made to fit A4 or A5 books
  • Both soft & hard cover (up to 4 quire)
  • Convenient & easy application
  • Durable, waterproof material
  • Easy to wipe clean*
  • Self-adhesive ‘sticky’ backing
  • Pack of 4
  • FREE clear plastic slip on covers provided
  • Quality manufactured in SA

** This product does not include a book **
Not suitable for ring binder style books


Ideal for: school books, diaries, daily planners, sketch books, note books and almost any A4 or A5 book.

*Take a look at the easy-peasy instructions here:

*Do not use any hand sanitizer stronger than 80% alcohol, it is recommended that you test a small area before you wipe down the whole cover as different brands may have adverse effects on the print.